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MJX F46 20-Inch Single Rotor 4CH 2.4GHz RC W/ Gyro & Servo

Never before has this degree of fit and performance been applied to a RC Helicopter. The F46 is a perfect combination of 2.4GHz technology with a single rotor design and fully proportional servo system.

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MJX F45 28-Inch Single Rotor 4CH 2.4GHz RC W/ Gyro & Servo

Create an outstanding helicopter that's every bit as powerful and capable as its size! With 2.4CHz remote control, durable uni-body construction, single-rotor technology, and full proportional servo system...

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Odyssey Dragon Fly 2.4GHz Small

ODYSSEY TOYS introduces its newest 3.5 channel coaxial helicopter! The new Dragonfly series is equipped with all the awesome features you have come to expect from such as super bright LED lights, bigger battery, and a 2.4ghz LCD transmitter.

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Odyssey 18" Quantum Gyro Helicopter with Simulator

The new Quantum is an 18", 3 Channel co-axial Helicopter. The Quantum comes equipped with a high grade metal body frame and a built in Gyroscope which is used to stabilize the helicopter's heading.

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