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Riviera RC Osprey 3 in 1 Amphibious Drone

By land, by sea, or by air--the Riviera Osprey is a 3-in-1 drone that can take on every environment. Whether you're boating, driving, or flying, this drone has tons of maneuverability, 360-degree rotations. From Riviera.

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Riviera RC Hawkeye Drone- Wifi Streaming

The Hawkeye drone is a state of the art Wifi Streaming Drone. Complete with a 720p Camera with 120⁰ angle fish eye lens. Live stream and record in High Definition. The Hawkeye includes a plug in type battery eliminating the mess of wires, just plug in and play! Battery 3.7v Li-Po 800 Mah.

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Riviera RC Space Warrior 2

It stomps across the room seeking a target. Your two-wheeled robot is a menacing machine that brings real-life battles right into your living room! Roughly 14 inch tall with two wheels and a 360 Degree rotating head, your space warrior soldier responds to the commands you issue through the easy-to-use 2.4GHz wireless remote handset.

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